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Happy Rock Merchant Solutions

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About Happy Rock Merchant Solutions

Happy Rock Merchant Solutions provides the financial security that entrepreneurs need to thrive. Instead of relying on bankers or middlemen, you can trust Happy Rock to directly fund your business and spur the success that you deserve.

Created in the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown, Happy Rock Merchant Solutions is a true resource for small businesses who need help now more than ever. Happy Rock is a team of hardworking entrepreneurs just like you, and they know firsthand that building a business can feel daunting. That’s why Happy Rock has made sure to create a funding process that’s quick, simple, and efficient.

As long as you have operated your business for at least six months and you process over $25,000 per month in Visa, MasterCard, Amex and/or Discover credit/debit card receipts, you are eligible to apply for financing from Happy Rock Merchant Solutions. This criteria is not the case for banks or other third parties, which insist on painstaking accreditation processes, all while eating into your valuable time for weeks or even months. With Happy Rock, the company has created an alternative that lets you get the direct funding you need without wasting your time or resources — so that you can get back to focusing on what matters: the growth of your business.


We’ve been where you are. That’s why we know the importance of your business — to you, to your life and to the success of our economy. After all, entrepreneurs are the ones who’ve built it. — Happy Rock Merchant Solutions

Through the partner programs of Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, Happy Rock also helps brokers and financial institutions get their clients the working capital they need. Along the way, Happy Rock provides expert sales assistance, marketing ideas, and more so that each of their affiliates can thrive against the competition. Happy Rock Merchant Solutions knows what works and they have the high conversion rates to show it. Happy Rock is proud to play their part in funding innovative ideas and enabling professional success in various markets across the United States.

Happy Rock Merchant Solutions created this blog to share their thoughts on the issues that shape today’s business world, and thus the lending options that are available to entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere. Keep up with this blog to get Happy Rock’s take on the revival of production and manufacturing, the future of quick lending, booming markets for entrepreneurs etc. Check out Happy Rock’s company blog for more insights!

Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, LLC is a California Licensed Lender. Lender Number 603J749. We are headquartered in New York.