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Q: What does Happy Rock Merchant Solutions offer?

A: Here at Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, we offer alternative finance options for entrepreneurs that make it easier for them to reach their business goals instead of spending time worrying about their finances.

Q: What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A: A Merchant Cash Advance isn’t a loan. It allows a company, like Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, to raise funding for your business so that you can use that money as you see fit. The way we determine the amount and payment plan is through examining your past sales numbers and making an estimate on future profits. You’ll then sell a specific amount of your future debit and credit card profits to us, which allows us to provide funding. As your company flourishes, a set amount of future credit or debit card sales comes to us in order to cover the Merchant Cash Advance.

Q: What are the benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance?

A: The benefits of getting a Merchant Cash Advance through Happy Rock Merchant Solutions is that you can avoid dealing with a traditional financial institution middleman, like a bank. It can take weeks to get approved for financing through a bank or other traditional financier. With Happy Rock, you’ll be able to quickly and easily apply for a Merchant Cash Advance and get the funds you need. You’ll also be able to use this money in any manner you see fit to benefit your business; often, traditional funding has strict constraints on what you can and can’t use the money for in your company.

Q: How can a business get a Merchant Cash Advance from Happy Rock Merchant Solutions?

A: Businesses that are interested in receiving a Merchant Cash Advance from Happy Rock can visit our page and fill out our “Get Funded Now” form. You’ll need to provide minimum information, such as your name, company, contact information, and monthly revenue. Happy Rock only provides Merchant Cash Advances to businesses and not individuals, though the Merchant Cash Advance will be given to an individual who runs a business.